Saturday, October 18, 2014

September 13, 2014 Click Away: Silver Lake Excursion

As an opportunity with Click Away to see a bit of Utah outside of Salt Lake City, I signed up for an optional excursion and adventure to Silver Lake. This would be a place to try out some of my new found skills in a different location.

Even better? New friend Kelly was going to be joining me. Unfortunately we ended up on  a bus with broken A.C. that kept overheating! The trip up the mountains was a fiasco and challenge as we stopped every few miles to let the engine cool down. Inside was steaming and set my motion sickness into full swing. 

At our third stop, I followed another lady and bolted from the bus (camera in tow) to take some pictures but mostly to breathe deep of some deliciously cool, fresh mountain air! Much needed!

Lovely Kelly!

After being rescued by a few buses that had already made it safely to the top of the mountain & deposited their camera loving cargo, we were able to salvage about 45 minutes to snap some photos of this pristine lake at the base of the mountain surrounded by fragrant pine trees. 

It was an excursion well worth any pain we endured. I wish we had salvaged the extra time, but we made due with the allotted time and captured some fabulous images in the process.

My Partner in Crime for the day!

Nature Photographers in their Natural Habitat!