Tuesday, October 14, 2014

September 09, 2014: House Redecoration: Before

We moved into our house about 10 years ago... WOW how time flies! Having a new house and not much expendable income meant that we spent a lot of time and money at Ikea... opting for quick fixes before we purchased our 'grownup' furniture.

With the demise of our old couch, we decided it was time to purchase a new one. We were going to get something 'cheaper' as Phil-the-Cat likes to claw things... but ended up with a nice leather piece. 

And so... with Kirsten at Treasure In The Detail helping as guide and mediator (sometimes Dan and I just don't agree on decorations!!)... it was time to get our 'grown up' plan in motion! She helped organize the kitchen (and her ideas were logical and made total sense! Such a sigh of relief!!) to make it just perfect!

So... we sorta picked up and took some "before" photos - then the massive purge and furniture dumping began! 

Welcome to our somewhat messy and definitely lived in home!

Why yes, we do have some thrift store finds in here as well... don't judge! :)

Does anyone else struggle with a cray messy counter? It is the BANE of my existence!

LOVE that bible verse above our door to the garage - but time for a new paint color!

See what I mean? Look at that crazy counter!!! Who's stuff is that? Not mine, for sure! ;)

LOVE the light from our patio window... light is my favorite!

The catch-all area & and unfinished picture wall.

After pictures to come soon, I can't believe after two months we are almost finished!!! Kirsten has been such a joy to work with these past few months and wow will it be such a delightful change! She has mad decorating and negotiation skills... a must for a couple who wants to agree but sometimes just can't. 

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