Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 18, 2014 1st Family Relay Sprint Triathlon

It's time for the first ever family sprint triathlon relay!!!
The Apprentice Adult is a bit nervous but ready to get this race over with!
Dan is swimming, The Apprentice Adult is biking and I am running!
My brother and his work buddies were out as well... he got a good luck kiss from his wife before hitting the shore to wait for his start.
Me and The Apprentice Adult: poetic symmetry?? 41 & 14??
He's ready to ROCK his 12 mile ride!
A little over half way done, see you soon!!
He even ran the last little bit with me and we crossed the finish line together: So much fun!
Sooo... what does a 14 year old do AFTER a race? EAT!!! 2 otter pops, 1 bag lays, 1 bag Cheetos & watermelon. Bottomless Pit!
It was a fabulous day and I am super proud of our family for participating in and completing this race!