Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 11, 2014 Mother's Day

Mother's Day started off on the right note, I woke before the alarm with recipes buzzing in my head. We celebrate Dad's birthday and Mother's Day all in one and I did NOT want to wait in line at a restaurant for an hour to have a late lunch! Sooo, I offered to cook. Unfortunately by brother and his family were at the lake doing an open water swim and wouldn't be joining us.

Joe surprised me with a card and some scrumptious chocolates! (Breakfast, lunch AND dinner for the day!)

Then, off to the gym to lift weights according to Power to the People by Tsatsouline before meeting the girls for a run.

In the midst of having a fabulous run and with one mile to go, I started getting slammed with Happy Mother's Day texts and then one from Dan letting me know the Apprentice Adult had wiped out on the bike, leg bleeding profusely and they were heading home. Stitches required? TBD!

After a few more frantic texts (just finishing up the run) I headed home to assess the damage.

The guys arrived just after me and I decided now for Urgent Care versus hours later when everyone had woken up and Dads were burning themselves making Moms breakfast! So, off the Apprentice Adult and I moseyed to Urgent Care being the 2nd folks to head back.

OBVIOUSLY he is in HORRIBLE pain!!!!


Soon the doctor came in... being the worst mother ever, I have no recollection of his last tetanus shot... and to me his knee isn't bad enough to need stitches but that shot... probably not a bad idea.

After cleaning his road rash it's time for his Tetanus (or Tetris as I fondly call it) Shot

Sadly, they did NOT have a nice hello kitty or my pretty pony band-aid for the Apprentice Adult.

My favorite picture of the day, the Iodine stings as he gets his steri-strips and you can see it's not super pleasant as he flexes and grips his forearm. However he is SUPER relieved NOT to have stitches! We are in and out in about 25 minutes and ready to get on with our day!
Fanged Candy Art

After church, it's back to our place for birthday/Mother's Day lunch. Joe and Dan were awesome in getting the table set and drinks poured while I cooked the chicken. Even managed a few shots in between chicken batches!

Happy Mother's Day to the woman whose picture is next to unconditional in the dictionary... for unconditional love and dedication to her family and friends. An admirable trait that I strive to be more like.

No idea what A.A. is looking at but he's obviously not paying attention! I LOVE my eshakti dress!! (Oh and Dawn cuts grease stains on clothes... thanks for helping me salvage my dress, Mom!)

Last up, birthday cake and presents for the Old Man. Happy 54th birthday, Pops! Love you!