Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 5 Training, Thursday 06/06/13

Swim 6400
Bike 5:10
Run 2:46

Picture courtesy of Mother's Cookies

Sleep: 7 hours
Fatigue: 4 tired
Stress: medium
soreness: none - surprising after yesterday's weights!
resting heart rate: 57

Plan: 80 minute run 
Results: 80 minutes run: 1 walk to eat Gu up the little hill at the street crossing
Ave Speed: 11:12 pace
Ave HR: 151
Max HR: 164
Zone 1 (below 132): 2:32
Zone 2 (133-160): 1:17:03
Zone 3 (161-169): 0:36
Zone 4 (170-178): 0
Zone 5 (above 179): 0

Plan: Swim 2050 yards with sprints
Results: NONE: taking the night off for some sleep!

Notes: Had a great run with Susan this morning. Weather was fabulous and 7 minutes flew by as we rated store-bought cookies in order of favorites. Since I KNOW you are dying to know what our favorite cookies are, I will indeed share with you! 

Mid day finds me feeling EXHAUSTED! My patience is wearing thin and my tolerance for... anything... is also pretty darned low. In addition? Really don't want to swim tonight.

Nutrition: Day 3 detox diet... hunger is hitting me however I'm seeing the scale more so I hope it continues.

While neither of us are a FAN of store-bought cookies but there are a few we'd sacrifice and indulge in! Somehow, we completely forgot about Girl Scout cookies! How do the fit with the list below? Maybe a discussion for another day. 

I know, with all the hours we've spent together over the years, you were wondering what we talked about while logging hundreds of miles on many pairs of shoes... below is an example of our Mensa style in depth discussions. Next up? World peace! Or maybe ranking of candy bars... 

1) Circus Animal Cookies
2) Golden Oreos
3) Pretzel Flipz
4) Target Animal Crackers

1) Nilla Wafers
2) Circus Animal Cookies
3) Oreos
4) Nutter Butters
5) Chips Ahoy (but now that I look at it, that doesn't look all that tasty when compared with the others!)