Thursday, June 6, 2013

Crying Uncle

In an effort to be forthcoming and honest, I would like to disclose that I am Crying Uncle for completing the Ironman training plan during this 2013 season.  I have made it 4 weeks and 3.5 days into the 26 week training plan. With that being said, I’m going to drop back to a designated ½ ironman plan and go from there. Why? Too much. Too tired. Too insane??? In addition, I have twisted Dan the SuperMan’s arm and he will be dropping back with me. Importantly, this test has shown me that, while tiring, I should be able to complete the work outs required next year to successfully complete the 2014 AZ Iron Man.
In addition, I feel it necessary to also disclose that I will not be doing my schedule swim tonight. Sadly that box will only be half checked off. I’m sure it bothers me & my OCD to cross off boxes far more than it bothers you. Regardless, tonight? I opt to sleep.
If this makes me less in your eyes, I understand, but know that I will always love you!