Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week 4 Training, RECOVERY WEEK Thursday

This week we have a recover week... YAY!!
Swim 4750
Bike 4:15
Run 1:35 (don't forget the sprint strides!)

My Precious has to go back for repairs due to focus issues. So sad!

Sleep: 5 hours
Fatigue: 5 tired
Stress: moderate
soreness: need to keep rolling: MUST DO
resting heart rate: unknown today

Plan: 40 minute steady run with 4x20 sprint strides
Results: 44:01 minutes 3.94 miles w/ sprint strides
Ave Speed: 11:10
Ave HR: 150
Max HR: 167
Zone 1 (below 132): 0:41
Zone 2 (133-160): 41:09
Zone 3 (161-169): 2:18
Zone 4 (170-178): 0
Zone 5 (above 179): 0

Plan: Swim 1550 yards w/ 150 yrd sprint drills
Results: Swim 0.88 miles, 1400 yards, 36:45 minutes

Notes: Exhausted!!! Not nearly enough sleep last night. Just need to get through this morning's workouts and then a full day of work. Lots of sleep tonight and tomorrow is our day of rest.
Nutrition: Weight is still up, too tired to be super hungry.