Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 4 Training: RECOVERY WEEK, Monday

This week we have a recover week... YAY!!
Swim 4750
Bike 4:15
Run 1:35 (don't forget the sprint strides!)

Sleep: 8.5 hours
Fatigue: 1 tired
Stress: low: it's a holiday, YAY!
soreness: left leg and back are a little tight, like my neck is off again. May need to see the chiropractor again.
resting heart rate: 58

Plan: Bike 1 hour w/ 6x20 high gear intervals w/ 2 min recovery
Results: 62:22 minutes w/ the drills. Did 8 instead of 6
Ave Speed 16.20 MPH
Ave HR: 134
Max HR: 151
Zone 1 (below 107): 1:39
Zone 2 (107-122): 3:54
Zone 3 (122-144): 52:02
Zone 4 (144-158): 4:48
Zone 5 (above 158): 0

Notes: Started the ride off a little slower than I had planned, but went to the east towards Joe's school. Soon learned, that is all up hill, not much but a little. Enjoyed doing high gear sprints on the bike versus the spin bike.