Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Week 3 Training - Tuesday

This week we continue base build.
Swim 5700
Bike 3:35
Run 2:35 (don't forget the sprint strides!)

I even do OTHER stuff besides train!

Sleep: 7 hours
Fatigue: 2 tired
Stress: low
soreness: none, back feeling better and tightness has eased.
resting heart rate: unknown

Plan: 40 minute steady run with 6x20 sprint strides
Results: 40 minutes w/ sprint strides
Ave HR: 148
Max HR: 164 (for VO2 Max test)
Zone 1 (below 132)
Zone 2 (133-160): 35
Zone 3 (161-169): 5
Zone 4 (170-178):
Zone 5 (above 179): 0

Plan: Swim 1800 w/ 8x100's sprints
Results: Swim 1.12 miles, 8x100's kick and pull drills

Notes: Run felt great, HR was right where I wanted it (nice and cool helped). Swim went pretty good although those last few sprints were brutal and 200 kick sucked... when does that get easier?
Nutrition: hunger okay: Trying to increase calories to 1800.