Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 3 Training - Monday

This week we continue base build.
Swim 5700
Bike 3:35
Run 2:35 (don't forget the sprint strides!)

VO2 Max testing on Monday

Sleep: 8.5 hours
Fatigue: 3 tired
Stress: medium: how to fit it all in??
soreness: left leg and back are a little tight, like my neck is off again. May need to see the chiropractor again.
resting heart rate: unknown

Plan: Bike 60 minutes stead ride
Results: 60 minutes steady ride (Did VO2 Max testing based on PRE)
Ave HR: 123
Max HR: 162 (for VO2 Max test)
Zone 1: 0
Zone 2: 51:30
Zone 3: 8:21
Zone 4: 0:12
Zone 5: 0

Plan: Weights
Results: No weights due to VO2 Max testing
Ave HR:
Max HR:
Zone 1:
Zone 2:
Zone 3:
Zone 4:
Zone 5:

Notes: Feeling a bit sluggish today.
Nutrition: not as hungry today, yay! Meeting STS training for measurements and body fat % tracking.