Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 4 RECOVERY WEEK, Wednesday

This week we have a recover week... YAY!!
Swim 4750
Bike 4:15
Run 1:35 (don't forget the sprint strides!)

Apprentice Adult's last day of 7th grade: WOW! He grew a ton this year!

Sleep: 7 hours
Fatigue: 2 tired
Stress: lowish
soreness: rolled post work out: feeling better!
resting heart rate: 54

Plan: Bike 45 minutes
Results: Biked in to work 44:46 minutes for 13.16 miles. 
Ave Speed 17.64 MPH
Ave HR: 142
Max HR: 156
Zone 1 (below 107): 0:31
Zone 2 (107-122): 0:54
Zone 3 (122-144): 23:28
Zone 4 (144-158): 20:15
Zone 5 (above 158): 0

Notes: Had a great ride, pushed the pace and average speed better than normal. GO me? Work out felt good and spent quality time with the foam roller and racket ball.

Plan: CP Weights
Results: CP Weights completed
Ave HR: 99
Max HR: 138

Notes: 3 sets of each below
Rear foot elevated split squat x 5 w/ 22.5lb
Split squat jump x5 ea
Lying Leg cradle stretch x3 ea side
Plank to Pillar x5 ea arm
SB clam shells x 10
Dowel stretch x5 (try to keep hands as close together as possible)
KB swing x10 50 lb
3-2-1 squat with no weight - remember to tighten the abs
SB Single leg curl x6 ea side
Notes: Felt strong today but am sure I'll pay for it tomorrow by being super sore!