Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Iron Man Depressed

I've been a moody gal lately.
We started training for Ironman 70.3 last week, under a 24 week program and I've got to tell you... I've been thinking this is the dumbest thing I've ever done. I've been somewhat tired, exhausted and moody as all get out! My husband is a saint: he has NO idea who's he's going to workout with that day... weepy, crying, I wanna quit Lisa or GETTER DONE Lisa... 

Running, cycling, swimming: it hasn't mattered! It's all felt like work and I've just been super down in the dumps. I'm usually a 'half glass full' kind of girl but the fun is gone and the glass is completely empty... can't even see the liquid!

I recalled a conversation with a friend last summer at Malibu. This amazing lady is a serious biking competitor and she recommended taking iron supplement the week before that monthly visitor arrives. I'd remembered to do it a few times, but was not consistent. I kind of forgot the conversation and recently just decided that for a few days a month, work outs are going to suck and I'm just going to cry through them.

A few weeks ago I realized I NEEDED red meat... now, please!! In 1999 when I was pregnant with Joe I had similar cravings... could it be for iron? Decided to try and took the supplement for a few days but didn't connect any dots.

After two back to back "I wanna quit" workouts this weekend, I decided maybe I needed to try some iron. So, I have. I'm in day 3 and I seriously feel like a different person... happy, go lucky, excited about life again and enjoying my work outs with My Man. (I'm sure My Man is happy not to have to pick up the pieces after I get done sobbing  by the pool with strangers looking on! He's such a great man to stand by my side regardless...)

Found some interesting articles on Iron and Depression... who knew!