Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Happy Easter from our family to yours!

CCC offered free doughnuts before service. YUMMY!

I really enjoyed having our Apprentice Adult (AA) sit with us during service. We chatted about some of the things Pastor Storms was teaching on. I hope it helped cement some of the details for AA!

My folks and their grand-babies

My Brother and his family.

We enjoyed a scrumptious meal and my folk's house... and the kids enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs.

The baton was passed down from my brother to my son: as owner mashing the potatoes.

A.A. did a fabulous job in creating the final project.

After lunch we enjoyed fresh strawberries, fresh whipped cream & angel food cake. Scrumptious!

Finally, this was our first year to experiment with Resurrection Rolls... 
Ingredients: ready made Croissant Rolls, peeps (cuz we had them on hand) & sugar. (Would have added cinnamon but didn't have any handy).
Wrap the croissant bread around 1/2 a peep: making sure to seal all open edges of the croissant roll so none of the marshmallow-ie goodness escapes. Sprinkle with sugar.
Cook per package instructions. Allow to cool and carefully cut open before enjoying the goodness.

The tomb is empty! Alleluia to our risen Lord, Christ Jesus! 
Happy Easter!