Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tour de Tucson, Nov 17, 2012

We arrived in Tucson the night before the race. 4 bikes and tons of gear in a fairly spacious room. 

After grabbing our packets and checking in, we headed to dinner at Denny's, then turned in early as the boys had to be up at the crack of dawn! 
After a bite of breakfast at the hotel, the boys went for the 110 miler. 

Due to bad bike set up, a horrible ride last weekend and nagging leg injuries, I bailed on 110 miles and opted to do the 60 miler with my sister in law, McKenzie. After the boys left, the girls went to Starbucks for some caffeine before we rode 7 miles from the hotel to the start line. It was a very pretty day.

Just so you know? Mile 60 starts right before you hit most of the hills that happen in Tour de Tucson. Most of our delays were due to me needing to pee and having to wait in line at the porta potties!

I ended up with a flat about mile 45, and three lovely people stopped to help me: one checked my tire, one my tube and the 3rd my rim! They quickly had be back on the road and it took me 6 miles to catch up to McKenzie. Another slow leak resulted in my pumping up the tire and hauling booty for the finish line! Kenzie was shortly behind me finishing with a fellow Intel teamer, Michael.

The boys were already complete and did a GREAT job by the time McKenzie and I crossed the finish line. We met and celebrated with a number of Intel people. Talk of IronMan next year (or whenever...) can we REALLY run a marathon after 110 miles? 

I received a great compliment as a young man came up to me after the race to tell me he was chasing my yellow socks for 10 miles or so to the finish line but never could quite catch me! 

We went our separate ways, Dan and I stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel before heading home. The sunset as we made our way back to Phoenix was gorgeous!