Sunday, November 11, 2012

11/11/12 Veteran's Day Ride: El Tour de Tucson

Yes, it's a super fake smile. 

What's going through my head? I'm COLD (40 ish degrees out) My leg hurts. I can't feel my toes. My nose won't stop running. We're only 1/2 way done with our ride. And we're only doing 3 hours. I am SO NOT DOING 111 in Tucson next weekend. I just can't. I'm exhausted and am hating this. If I didn't have to ride home, I think I'd throw my bike.

Since getting the new frame? Biking has been a struggle for me. Dan has gotten faster... and I've gotten way slower. I'm sure the bike fit has helped fix some of these issues: buy maybe not? To be honest? I have NOT enjoyed cycling this year. A bummer, cuz last year? I LOVED it. Maybe some rest, to recover from my leg injury will help me fall back in love with it? 

All in all pace was about 15 mph which is our Tucson goal. Unfortunately: no real hills and no wind. Just bitter cold. I'm sure Dan will disagree, but it wasn't an awful ride as far as performance... but it was slow for him.

Frustrated with my ride but dropping to a shorter route feels okay. And I'll get to do it with Kenzie now. 60 miles. 1/2 of the full. It is what it is.