Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Morning Spin

I've spent many hours in this room spinning with trainer Jenn. She's helped me prepare for many a triathlon and many tour de wherever! :) When it's cold or crazy hot this room provides refuge from the elements (although the two big yellow fans provide nice indoor wind for sweltering days). She and I do a great job of pushing each other harder and farther than we would alone. I can't thank her enough for all her help these past 2 ish years!

It's so awesome to have Dan join me in class and on this endurance journey. He's become such an amazingly strong rider! He is planning to lose some more weight which means he will be an indomitable force and I'll never dream of catching him!

Today's ride ended with some pain in my right knee: it's approximately where my IT band attaches to my shin: a familiar pain but bad timing. Tour de Scottsdale is Sunday (70 miler) and then 1/2 ironman in 12 short days. Sounds like I need to dope with advil and make sure to do my stretches, take walk breaks from my desk and roll baby roll!

Tomorrow is swim and weights.

Oh, and isn't the new iphone 5 panoramic photo just kick booty? LOVE this new phone!