Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Soma Stand In

My Brother rocks!

Yup, if you know me you know I usually start feeling sick the week before or days before my big race. Happened with the 2011 Marathon, the 2012 MS ride in Sedona (in my defense I DID get shingles that following week) and even this past weekend for Tour de Scottsdale. 

Soma 1/2 Ironman is this weekend. I'm a wee bit on the snarky side. Fighting a cold and feeling a little cloudy headed today and super sleepy... but I'm also low on caffeine, too.

In addition: Ironman thoughts are still spinning and Dan and I are trying to talk Joe into training with us next year. Misery LOVES company, ya know? So: I sent him a two books: one for inspiration and the other for how to train.

This morning Joe text me to say thanks for the books. I told him your welcome (remember, Misery Loves Company!) and mentioned I had a cold. He sent his condolences per the below:
If only he COULD stand in for me... my time would be KILLER!!! :)

You know who else rocks? My friend Susan... who is going to walk (run?) with me while I try to do this half marathon.

Oh, please Lord! Help me rest and stay strong and be ready for the race this weekend.

2:30 pm will find me at Focus for a bike fit. After this weekend's pain: I think I need some bike set up lovin!