Friday, October 19, 2012


Photo by The Apprentice during our Day 'O Fun!
I am two days from race day: Soma 1/2 Ironman

I took my bike into Focus Cyclery Wednesday to have a WAY OVERDUE bike fit done: I was in  pain at the end of Scottsdale, I knew something was wrong with the set up. My limited adjustments obviously haven't been enough. Mike at Focus spend 1.5 hours with me. He took a # of measurements and with a few adjustments (including raising my seat almost an 1") I was done with the fit and feeling better about my bike set up. While on the trainer at the shop, I discovered my front tire had torn and the tube was protruding from my tire. Thank you, God, it didn't blow out on my ride in Scottsdale... I would have been done: no coming back from a shredded tire! Focus sold me new tires and kept my bike overnight to pop them on. 

This morning, I decided to take the bike for a 40 minute test ride to see how the fit felt. The fit is great: but my right leg is still angry with me about Scottsdale's 70 miler. I'm feeling super nervous about this weekends race.

Have I mentioned I HATE race week? In particular the two to three days PRIOR to race week? I'm doubting Ironman 2013, scared I'll bonk the 1/2 Ironman swim (again) this year in Tempe Town Lake... PLEASE be wet suit legal!!! (Just confirmed with the athlete's guide: wetsuit legal PRAISE GOD!)

Yet these little pains and metal struggles I am dealing with are nothing. FB has shown me a few friends of late with fathers and uncles in ICU for various health related reasons. Friends struggling with difficult personal situations. My life isn't perfect but, despite some leg pain, my family and I are healthy and well, thank you Jesus! My fear of cold water and the events to come during this weekend's race are nothing compared to some of the struggles and fears my friends are facing in their everyday life. 

To adjust my perspective, I'm going to lean on my God as He does not want me to live in fear! I will remember my friends this weekend while I race: praying for them when I start to feel the burn...