Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day'OFun with the Apprentice

The Apprentice has returned from a week's long vacation with my folks and my brother and his family. It's wonderful to have him back! 

However, I've missed him and I think he's even missed me a little bit! As such, I decided to take a day off with him so we can have a little bit of fun...

First up: I went for a 70 minute run. Race day is a little over a week away and there is no rest for the dedicated weary! It actually sprinkled on me quite a bit while a ran. It was a lovely cool morning.

I found The Apprentice up and playing video games upon my return home. Soon, he was helping me get the house cleaned up and his gear unpacked before we had breakfast. Then, we decided to hit the movie Hotel Transylvania  It was SUPER CUTE!!!

We laughed, we cried, it was better than Cats???

A few more chores need to be done so we found ourselves at Sprouts checking out Pumpkins
And buying our FAVORITE drinks
I'll let YOU guess which one is his favorite and which is mine! :)

We returned home to deal with the groceries and make a quick lunch to take to the park. It was breezy and cool... however once the sun popped out it got warm, QUICKLY!!
Delicious! I begged some paper towels from another family also picnicking near us: my salad was a wee bit on the messy side!
After we walked around the park, saw some bunnies and took some pictures, The Apprentice and I returned home where he resumed some X-box time and I finished running laundry and picking up the house. All to soon our day came to and end and it was time to take him to his Dad's house. It was a lovely day and I'm glad we got to hang out together for it!

Some Pictures from my BIG Camera: Nikon D800