Friday, October 5, 2012

Dan The Man

This man. My husband. How blessed I am! 

This picture was taken a few weeks ago when we spent the weekend in Malibu for our Olympic Triathlon during Mid September.

He always has my back. There is nothing more valuable to me than knowing he is in my corner. It's how I know he unconditionally loves me and is in my top 5 of things I love about him. Loyal even when I may not always be right. He defends me when needed and is graciously forgiving when I am wrong.

He is encouraging: if I mention I want to try something or do something, he will give me honest feedback about the endeavor and then support me even when I'm curled up in a ball crying with bruised racing stripes on my legs from physical therapy. When I snap on a long ride cuz I've been suffering in silence for hours he laughs it off, lets me vent and then makes ME laugh to lighten the mood. He was very encouraging after our open ocean water swims in which I was SURE I was going to drown, die... have to be pulled from the water? I was in a bit of a tizzy.

He's so darned funny!!! Some of the comments he makes are so unexpected and dead on I just can't help but laugh. Our AA son has this ability, too... I'm blessed to have them both keeping me in stitches.

He's generous - helping AA with his math homework and coaching him. Letting me borrow his Precious Jeep because it's easier to just keep my bike there for the next day's ride. He spends time making sure our bikes are loaded, tires all pumped up and tags placed on our gear before long rides and races.

He has aspirations: none of this baby steps for him. Nope: He's all in for Ironman 2013. THIS is a BHAG that I had toyed previously and dismissed simply because of the time away from Dan. However, I know I will only be able to achieve this goal by training with him. It's become our 'date time' when AA is at his Dad's or during early mornings before school. We have seen and shared some wicked cool things together during 2012 training and I look forward to many more hours (days, weeks, months) of training with him in 2013.

Thank you, Lord: for bringing us together! I ♥ this man dearly!