Friday, May 11, 2012

Lifestyles with Brooke Snow

It's our last opportunity to post for Brooke Snow's Lifestyle Photography class. I get to do a little extra credit and had a story to tell... so I'll share some pictures and tell you what I learned from Brooke's Class. Someday soon, I'll take her advanced class and I can't wait!

Each year The Boy's school hosts Doughnuts for Dads in the fall and Muffins for Moms in the spring. This was our 7th year to attend. As a 6th grader, this is his last year to have muffins at school with me. (sniff sniff!)

We arrived early: prompted by week 4's self portrait and recognizing that I really DO need to be in more photos, we set the timer up and took a few snap shots. I've been less than thrilled with the extra 7 to 10 lb on my frame as of late, but recognize it is vital that I document these days! Thank you, Brooke, for reminding me of the importance of being in the photos. 1) could have used a shallower depth of field to blur out the play ground or 2) moved to a less distracting background. Next: I need to ALWAYS carry a tripod and figure out how to do more self portrait action shots!
 My handsome date for Muffins for Mom. As a recent gluten free adopter, The Kiddo was more than happy to eat my 1/2 of chocolate muffin! He's such a good kid: All I have to say is "THAT is a TOTALLY fake smile." And he laughs and turns on the charm! ♥
 Perspective and less is more. NEVER would have thought top down on this type of shot. Thank you Brooke for the eye opening on perspective!

I'm STARVING but ran out of time... tired need a coffee pick me up. 
 LOVE his eyes in this! OH: Am using MCP's Crystal Clean Web resize for all images. They are a bit sharper than I normally post, but I think I like...
 The BIGGEST take away from Brooke's class for me (at this time): Lifestyle is about everyday and having FUN in everyday moments. Whether with clients or my own family... I LOVE authentic photos and this style truly brings authenticity in emotion to a session. Can't wait to try it on my next client!

So, with Moms rolling in, The Boy and I head outside to play until either 1) his friends show up or 2) school starts. He pulls out a hackey sack and we play! (I note other mom's eyeing us enviously as we both are playing: totally cracking up laughing!)

My favorite shot from the morning: "Think Fast, Mom!" As he whips the hacky sack at me, not ONLY do I catch this awesome authentic frame BUT I CATCH THE HACKY SACK!

Yes, I rock... ;-)
To round it off a few more hacky sack shots
 And, of course, one last shot of my sweet boy! Thank you for one of the best Muffins for Moms Ever!
I ♥ U!
And Brooke: Thanks for helping me capture this special morning in a unique and authentic way!