Sunday, May 6, 2012

05/06/12 Lifestyles Week 04

Really? It's week four: our last assignment for Brooke Snow's Lifestyle: Telling the Story class? Really? WOW! I'm SO sad to see this class draw to an end. Why? 1) Super personalized critique and interaction with the AMAZING Brooke Snow. 2) Fabulous lessons with material outside my comfort zone: which I will make me a better photographer. 3) Super small class: I've bonded with the other ladies in my class and am thrilled and inspired by their work as well. 

If you are considering taking this class... DO NOT HESITATE!! It will push you to think creatively and photograph with a new perspective!

On to our assignment! Part 1 is Thematic and Conceptual Shooting. 

This weekend, my husband Dan, brother Joe and S-I-L McKenzie competed in the Iron Gear Rio Salado Sprint Triathlon. 0.5 mile swim, 12 mile bike followed by 3.2 mile (5K) run. This was Dan's second tri and Joe and Kenzie's first. I was supposed to compete as well but the shingles knocked me out. Still healing from the rash I was NOT swimming in Tempe Town Lake. 

However, not racing gave me the PERFECT opportunity to do the thematic/conceptual assignment. I wanted to showcase my SIL's accomplishment... she went from pretty inactive about 4 months ago to completing this sprint triathlon: overcoming the scheduling challenges of working full time, being a full time Mom and full time wife. We went on some GRUELING training rides, swims and runs... yet she never gave up! It is a HUGE accomplishment for anyone, yet she undertook it and succeeded! She's even looking forward to her next race.

I had really wanted to get a shot of her face as she crossed the finish line, but the ideal location was near impossible to achieve... instead I found a better spot to catch her just before the finish where I could truly see her face and the concentration/ effort as she makes that last 0.25 miles.

Contrast of the two male athletes competing alongside her (both strangers)
Theme: Persistence & Accomplishment

Next up: A self portrait. 

Ended up making this a thematic shoot with props instead of activity. Can you guess what the theme might be?

Okay, I'll tell you: BUSY!!! All the things I love to do during the week (excluding the icky stuff like the Kiddo's homework, dishes and laundry!). The only thing missing? My pillow! I LOVE to sleep! :)

Used flash to fill in the dappled light from the tree, you can see the shadow of the flash but I couldn't get Nikon's CLS system to trigger in the bright AZ sun: no umbrella soft box option. Someday I'll buy pocket wizards!