Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lifestyles Week 03

This week's assignment from Brooke Snow's Lifestyle Photography Class seemed SO much more challenging than the previous weeks... I'm not sure why! It certainly required me to plan a little more.

First up is Conceptual Contrast... I think I spend so much time thinking on part two of the assignment, that this part was not as well planned... however, I have two images from today to share.

The company I work for sponsored a free event at Aspire Gym. We've been there before and the boy LOVES going! I recalled the first time we went getting some cool pictures of Joe in the foam pit. They also have a deeper pit with dark recesses that I thought would be perfect for a light/ dark contrast. (For some reason, light vs dark was stuck in my head. Maybe due to street photography inspiration I see from folks online).

Next up, I wandered into my backyard at sunset and found the chaos of this flower bloom in contrast to the identically shaped and lined up leaves of the tree. Used a 105mm macro lens... not 100% sold on this one, open to suggestions!

Part 2 of Week 3's assignment, was about The Decisive Moment. Henri Cartier-Bresson coined this term and it is a theory I adore and strive for in my photography. The challenge this week was to LIMIT the # of shots. Thankfully the Kiddo had ANOTHER soccer game (Season is done, I PROMISE NO soccer photos for Week 04!) and an award ceremony pending which I knew could offer just the shot I needed.

I wasn't disappointed! In between the final games of the season the award ceremony was held. I waited patiently until The Boy was called for his season's end trophy, medal and certificate. His coach was speaking about each kid individually and what value they added to the team. In addition, today, Coach pushed the Kiddo out of his normal 'zone' as defender and put him in as both a forward and later goalie. As Coach handed him his awards he said, "To our new best forward and goalie, The Kiddo!" The Kiddo was THRILLED with the praise... and I couldn't have been more proud of him. To boot? He went on to play forward in the 2nd game and ended up scoring! What a great way to end the season! I guess we both stepped out of our comfort zones this week. :)

Here are some other favorite pictures from this weekends project:
He was SO good about letting me take pictures... when he REALLY wanted to just go play!
Light and Dark... these cool light spots on our decorative sticks...
Some fading spring blooms highlighted by the sun against the darker foliage of the brittlebush.