Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lifestyles Week 02

Time for Week Two's assignment from Brooke Snow's Lifestyle class.

We've got some AMAZING students in this class and, I have to admit, I'm feeling a bit intimidated about posting this week. But, (deep breath) here goes...

First up, we are stretching our Point of View:

Our son, finally decided to sign up for a soccer tournament. It took some serious convincing and, to be honest, tears before he was ready to stretch himself and sign up for the tourney. To boot? This weekend (as opposed to last weekend's snow and cold) is going to be H.O.T.!!!

On the left is a shot of our boy running as I might normally capture it... from my standing or sitting viewpoint on the sidelines.

The top right and bottom right are both for a lying perspective. For the top right picture, I used a higher aperture to capture both the player's foot and ball in 'focus'... however the ball was moving fast enough that, while recognizable it is blurred with movement (and bouncing!!). I think this photo gives a sense of motion and speed to the play.

The bottom right picture, the defenders celebrate a goal with a high-five. I used a shallower D.O.F. to capture the grass as a blurred foreground which is a unique perspective I hadn't tried before, I like how the players are in clear focus (and if I had been faster I might have moved so the girl in the background was either hidden behind my son or off to the side).

All shots were taken with my trusty Nikon D300 & Nikon 70mm - 30mm f/4.5-5.6 zoom.

Michele, I was inspired to try a story board! I LOVED your Car Wash entry!!

Part Two: Less is More

Okay, I ADORE the way other folks put their pictures in B&W or Sepia but I struggle with turning my own photos this way. HOWEVER I was very inspired by fellow classmates Rebecca, Ciera and Kassi's B&W images, I thought I'd give it a go. In this case, it made my job a bit easier since the lights created 'fun' color casting at at our church.

The setting is a volunteer event our church holds called Project 285+ where we package food for needy families in Haiti and Africa. It was a great event and perfect for The Boy and I to do as he has AIMS testing this week (ie: no homework to content for our attention).

First, we find our team in the sanctuary setting preparing the food. The team pours 2 cups of soy, a scoop of veggies, a scoop of flavoring followed by 2 cups of rice to the funnel that results in the contents in a bag ready for confirmation measurement and finally sealing before being shipped overseas.

All photos Nikon D300 & 50m f/1.4

I know: the background is very distracting... suggestions to make this shot better? Maybe I should have hopped up on a chair! (Why didn't I think of that THEN??)
Well, I have to admit: Getting closer minimizes the distractions in the background. Here is our funnel with bag attached and contents being poured in.
Finally I did a shot of the soy and measuring cup we used to pour the contents into the bag. Maybe too artsy fartsy for some, but a detail shot for our story would got great in an album or scrapbook page?

Some extra's! The boy pouring rice and poses with our church sign
We both had a blast and it was great to see J.T. and his oldest who were part of our packing team along with the new friends we made.

Here are the completed bags
Finally: boxes standing tall seeing to reach the sky and ready to ship to Haiti and Africa. 
What a great afternoon and opportunity for me to get my boy involved in helping others (something I need to do far more often!)