Monday, April 9, 2012

04/08/2012 Easter

I have come to LOVE Easter! It has such significance now that I've re-dedicated my life to Christ. His sacrifice and the joy of his return. It all depends on this moment: Did He Rise? If yes, the Christian Faith stands. Thank goodness for Lee Strobel's The Case for Christ which helped me alleviate any remaining doubts.
Dan bought this GORGEOUS corsage from me. A fond remnant of when my father would buy my mother and I corsages when I was a child. Thank you darling!!! This meant so much to me!
So pretty! (The flower...)

My handsome Lads!
The whole family!! We clean up all right, no? (Well I've got the gluten puffiness going on...)
ADORE that The Boy sat with us and was excited to fill out the insert - it was another great sermon!
Joe, Kenzie and Spunky Girl joined us at church, too!
After church, we went to my folk's house for an amazing dinner. Extra special treat? Aunt Beth flew out to spend the weekend with us! What a true joy to have her here to celebrate!
The kids found their Easter baskets and divided up the goodies from the candy and money filled eggs.
Papa cracks me up: Gotta check the phone and maybe play some angry birds...
My angelic brother with our amazing Easter feast. Thank you Mom & Dad!

He Is Risen! What Joy indeed!