Monday, March 12, 2012

03/12/12 Cruise Scrapbook pages!

Pictures from our first day at sea!

Brad does his drink mix magic!

Dan and I celebrate our 8th anniversary at the ship steakhouse. Worth every penny! I got so many compliments on my dress. I think I paid $25 for it at Dillards on clearance. I enjoy shopping for THE CHEAPEST ball gowns I can find that look ravishing... and this one is my most favorite-est to date! However, the hunt will never end.... what is in the next bargain bin? It's so much fun to play dress up and I'm so glad Dan was willing to do so. We took some pictures with the boat photographers, but none of them were good enough for me to purchase.
Funny story: a young lady in the Serenity lounge offered to take our picture as we were posing before dinner. She was a wee bit on the drunk side and would have chatted at us for HOURS if her friends and our reservation time hadn't called. Regardless, this picture will hold fond memories for Dan and I of the cute drunk college girl (the first in her family, might I add) who took our picture. 

We heard about her family, her last 4th of July where she served her non drinking family red, white and blue jello shots, her college aspirations and that she has a more expensive camera that she'd like to have brought on the cruise but expensive cameras and alcohol don't mix (she says as she brandishes OUR camera about!) Too funny!