Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 17, 2011 Last Soccer Game of 2011

It's already time for the Kiddo's last game of the season... how on earth has this quarter flown by so quickly??
He is such a different boy from the one who started this series. This is the boy who said he NEVER wanted to play in a game... but now really looks forward to it!
It's been so neat to watch his confidence grow as he plays more and gets to know the other kids on his team as well.
It's a gorgeous day for the game and the Kiddo is ready to play
Even the coach commented on how well the team played together AS a team for this final game.
The whole family showed up to cheer him on! 
The Kiddo had some GREAT kicks and plays this game... NICE JOB BUDDY!

After they game, the kids got their trophies and certificates
Time for a group shot!
and a goofy shot
Celebrating with the family
His coach was awesome! The Kiddo was ready to be signed up again and he'll start in late January. Crazy! I'm so glad he's enjoying it!
This is just the beginning of his soccer career!