Friday, December 16, 2011

December 16, 2011 Zoo Lights

It's time to reunite Scrappy, Scooby and Daphne at the Phoenix Zoo for an evening of fun!
LOVE these United Way sponsored events at the Zoo. They do a FABULOUS job!
Poor Brad: He was in the perfect spot for me to capture some cool bokeh lights behind him. But he's not overly fond of having his picture taken. Not sure why...
Dan, doesn't even bat an eye anymore! 
They boys got their faces painted like Santa Clause.
Cute picture of my Kiddo!
Daphne got Christmas lights on her cheek!
It was AMAZING to watch the face painting artist work... she was incredible.
Twilight made for some INCREDIBLE pictures of the boys as they ran around.
The Kiddo got a monkey from the event: He named it Pancake. I love the name!
LOVE this one!

They had the plexi slides... the boys and kids had a fabulous time using it!
Getting ready to ride the camel

The boys and girl did great on the camel!
Dan doing his "I'm on a horse" pose.
Love this one of Scrappy
Another fabulous night with our Linville friends!
The rain and chill kept much of the crazy crowds away. It was a fabulous evening with wonderful friends.

NOW off to a surprise... where ARE we going, Coop?
Scrappy was done taking pictures, but Scooby is so used to it, it doesn't even phase him any more!
Where did we end up? A place called Sub Zero which MAKES the ice cream from milk right in front of you. It was WAY fun and tasted super yummy. Sugar high anyone?