Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 11, 2011 Christmas Party

My dear friend Susan and her family opened her house to neighbors and co-workers for a Christmas party! She had an amazing party: Sugar cookies to decorate, foam ornaments to make and take, a beautiful yard to play in, treats for kids and adults and perfect weather for lots of running around.
I did a taste test... delicious!
Decorations and mess galore. 
The boy had a blast and he was exhausted!
Wendy brought her babies: They were so sweet and such a huge hit!
The work girl gang.
Sweaty and having a BLAST with the younger... and older kids!
Little kids having a blast making ornaments
The Kiddo can make friends with anyone!
Even the girls had a great time with the guns and running!
A HUGE thanks to Susan and her family for opening up their home. I sure hope their grass is back in one piece!