Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dec 10, 2011 Double Header

The Kiddo has joined the ranks of soccer players this fall. He was very nervous about his first game, preferring only to practice vice play a game. 
However, the jitters are long gone and he enjoys playing. We can see vast improvement!
Dan spent the morning at Gracey B's cheer competition... but arrived just in time for Joe's 2nd game.
Just a small game of keep away:

I'm not sure who instigated this, but Dan won... 
Judging by the grins? I'd say both are having a fine time... but back to playing the game now!
Push those little kids out of the way!
Okay, not really on the littler kids... but don't be shy! :)
Dan's cheer face:
Games over, the kiddo had a great time. We enjoyed the two games and better? Loved that the tall coach got IN the game to help Joe's team. Way fun.
Nice playing kiddo!