Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dec 07, 2011 Band Concert

It's time for the Kiddo's 6th Grade Band Concert! Grandma picked up the Kiddo from school and took him home to work on his homework before the concert started.
The Kiddo was not thrilled to have his  picture taken, but he seemed far less nervous about the concert than last year... more excited than anything.
Grandma took this picture. Thanks, Mom! The camera is way heavy wit the flash on top.
Calm, cool and collected, the Kiddo starts practicing with his fellow band mates until the 5th graders start. 
The Kiddo's friend is also in the band.
More practicing
Midway through the concert, the Kiddo's friend (pictured here) the base of his stand hand the bolt came loose. Between songs, the Kiddo tried to help him fix it. His friend ended up propping the stand up with his foot to finish the concert.
His parents came up to us after the concert and thanked our Kiddo for helping their Kiddo during the malfunction. Very nice. 
The Kiddo's band instructor, Mr. Weil is a master at this concert thing! Both the 5th graders and 6th graders had 15 minutes for their concert. It takes a special person with incredible patience to teach these youngsters to play. I think the most rewarding part is seeing how far they have come from in just 1 short year! The Kiddo's 5th grade concert compared to this 6th grade concert.. WOW!!! Completely amazing. :)
The best part of the concert was the last song: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. VERY cool! Dan & I totally enjoyed singing along. The Kiddo kept an eye on us to make sure we were still singing. It was fabulous!
"Hey Kiddo! LOOK over here! I've never seen you pick up before!" That got a chuckle from the other young man helping out. The Kiddo shook his head with a smile and kept on stacking chairs.
Here are our friends
and here we are!
I asked the Kiddo if he was planning to do band in junior high, he said he plans to. That makes me so happy as my fondest memories of Junior High and High School come from band.
What makes me even more proud, his friend started band to spend time with the Kiddo but quit once Mr. Weil figured out that the two of them together? Trouble! :) So proud that the kiddo stuck band out when his best friend did not.  
Mr. Weil told us to take the kids out to ice cream after the concert. Sadly, the Kiddo still had homework, so we went to the grocery store, purchased ice cream and then headed home to multitask. Also found orange Crush for an upcoming photo session I have scheduled.