Thursday, October 20, 2011

10/20/11 Jimmy Buffett Concert

When Dan saw that Jimmy Buffett was going to be in town, we contacted Nancy to see if it was time for a double date to attend. The immediate response: HECK YES!
While dinner at Margaritaville would have been more appropriate, we settled for burgers at Applebee's! Delicious!

I only took my little camera but while we waited for the show to start, we had a BLAST people watching the folks in costume. 
Grandma rocking beer goggles and killer Landshark Beer case hats (Where do I score one?0
The evening was filled with laughs and giggles!
The coolest thing about this concert BY FAR was the variety and ages of folks attending. One of the most versatile concerts: Younger kids, teens, and couples from their 20's though 60's! 
The costumes were unique and outrageous and most of the wearers delighted in having their pictures taken
Everyone sang along: It's Jimmy Buffett! How can you NOT?
My lesson learned: Don't wear dark pants AND a dark jacket... drunk people WILL find a way to NOT see you and step on you! LOL.
I think I would have frozen in this costume!
The show was AMAZING!
Another great memory captured with precious friends!
Brad and Nancy rock out to their daughter's favorite song: FINS! They made her VERY proud!