Thursday, October 13, 2011

10/13/11 Play Date with the Linvilles

After my run with Susan and hair cut with Tiffany, it was time to meet the Linville clan for a day of fun.

The Kiddo is on Fall Break as is Daphne and her Clan. What will we do today?? Met the family at Michael's. We shopped and shopped! Then to Party City for a Halloween Costume. Next, lunch at Chipolte, a favorite for all!
Daphne kept making funny faces when I went to take her picture...
Scooby and Scrappy ate at their own table.
The girls had their own table.
It's no wonder Daphne is so pretty... she gets it from her mom!
All three kids had a BLAST riding bikes until Daphne went to her contact appointment. 
Sydney loved being outside, too! She kept chewing on sticks and 'pruning' the bushes!
The boys soon end up on the x-box and the mommies go shopping! Target, Apple Store, Lucy, Dick's Sporting Goods, Home Depot, AJ's Fine Foods, Kirkland Home, DownEast clothing and home. WhEWW!!

What an awesome day! Thanks for the fun Linville family!