Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's About The Journey

I admit, sometimes I can't help but, with maybe a wee bit of envy, look and admire my speedy friends and speedy husband. I marvel at their achievements that seem to come so effortlessly for them. I soon find myself in the throes of a pitty party on the verge of tears. Why can't I be fast and effortless? Why can't I be a super athlete like them and blow everyone away? Why do I need to wait until I'm 90 and the only one in my age bracket to win a medal? Why is it such hard work? WHY do I do this again?

Kat, at Inspired to Action, nailed it on the head in this post. "God is the great orchestrator. He isn't hung up on qualifications..." {who's faster??} She nailed it again when she said: "My job isn’t to compare. My job is to build. And the first building blocks? Thankfulness and humility."

Maybe my strengths aren't in being fast. Maybe my strength is in being persistent and honestly enjoying the high that comes from finishing. Maybe it comes from being grateful that I CAN complete. That I am healthy and capable to do these crazy races. That it's about the JOURNEY and RELATIONSHIPS built during training. 

Honestly? Even though I'm slow, I wouldn't change it for anything! Chatty mornings with B-team when we train. Sitting outside Starbucks laughing and sharing stories. Seeing so many glorious sunrises that most people sleep through. 1:1 time with my hubby as we both strive to stay healthy and work hard. That, in itself, is it's own reward... 

So I humbly accept my limitations and gratefully celebrate the process.

Sorry about being a bit whiny there...