Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30, 2011 Week In Our Life

I have taken SO many pictures this month! And I'm not editing them all. Sometimes I miss the jpeg days of shoot and load w/o photoshop work! Supposedly lightroom should be able to help, but I'm at a loss on how to use it. Anyone out there recommending a good intro to lightroom online class?

Week in OUR Life has suddenly become a Hipstamatic iPhone project. I think just because of time and lugging my big camera around is somewhat cumbersome.

Yesterday started SUPER early with a 4 am alarm to hit the Pecos loop road at 5:30 am with the Phoenix Tri Club. A gorgeous sunrise and BEAUTIFULLY lit morning ride ensued.
Julie met me at the park and ride. I also bumped into fellow neighborhood biker, Jack, whom Dan and I have met a few times on out Saturday morning rides.
The morning was stunning, the lighting just gorgeous and the photographer in me wanted to stop every 5 minutes and snap pictures. WOW what a great way to enjoy the Awatukee area! Soon, we were 2 hours into our ride and hitting a potty stop at the golf course. 
Nice finger in the picture, no? 2 hours 37 minutes of riding, Julie and I head to breakfast at the Good Egg. Then home to a boyless house (Okay, Dakota is there but he left shortly after I arrived hoe) to enjoy a boyless day. 

I watched Master Chef, organized printed pictures, cleaned out the laundry room cabinets, picked up a bit in the scrapbook room (dumping probably 50 old Creating Keepsakes and the like magazines), and the cabinet under my sink. Tried to nap but was too hungry. 

Soon it was time to hit the road to get Joe for our date night! Stopped at Costco to pick up some poster prints and a haboob rolled in.
Color cast courtesy of Hipstamatic. Still you can see the dust cloud rolling in. So neat!
My cutie patootie date: He even opened the doors for me at the movie theater and dinner.
Just the two of us!
More of the two of us
The Kiddo. I imagine next year or so, this is how our self portraits will look as he continues to grow! This kiddo is going to be TALL!!!! Wonder where he gets it from???
Snacks for Harry Potter &TDHP2
Movie over, it's time for dinner. The storm is still kind of blowing stuff around. the Kiddo loved the movie, but doesn't like the lightening outside.
Dinner at Native New Yorker
This boy LOVES his HOT wings!
When we returned home, the Kiddo and Dakota played some Halo and then it was time for bed. 

The kiddo ended up sleeping with me. He only woke me once when he wacked me with his hand!