Friday, July 29, 2011

July 29, 2011 Week In OUR Life

Friday morning dawns brightly. Joe pushes me out and gives me a kiss. Dan is taking the boy to school for me, thank you, honey!
The morning starts with breakfast at my desk and then to the gym for some light cardio before weights with the "Advanced" workout group gang:
My Smokin' Hot super strong "gun" totin' & beloved work out partner, Julie:
Dan: our 'delicate flower' is in the gym on Friday mornings with us. He and Adrian work on their Tai Chi and Kung Fu. A long standing member of the Black Pearl.
Adrian: The Black Pearl's fearless Captain. The heart and soul of the 6 to 8 am work out group. Always encouraging and Kung Fu wicked cool!
New to the "Black Pearl" are Shannon and Charissa. These lovely ladies bring girly-ness and raw attitude to a normally male dominated hour. They are a hoot and pleasure to have join us.
Julie cranks out a warm up bench press set.
Last work out picture before the 'real' work begins: Shannon and her tea... cracks me up that she drinks tea at work out. Not sure why... maybe because tea, for me, is a relaxing drink... not a workout drink! However, I DO agree with her in that I MUST have my caffeinated tea before workout!
The day passes in a complete blur and soon it's time to head home: My post to FB this afternoon: "24 hours sans boys... The weekend looms like a ripe berry waiting to be picked! What shall I do with my boyless hours? Hmm, eat girly foods, watch girly TV and SHOP of COURSE! :)"

After work, I drop by Kohl's to leisurely stroll the store and try on a few things. I do pick up the shirt and two skirts I had been eyeing. Next, Costco for groceries - need more fruits and veggies!  Finally, home for TV, Master Chef and picture organizing. A quiet evening at home. Dan wants to see Cowboys and Aliens, so I'll wait until he returns to go see it.