Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26, 2011 Week In OUR Life

5:00 am How do you usually wake up in the morning? Lately, I've been waking up to a meowing kitty... "Mom, I'm HUNGRY!! Feed me!!"
Meet Phil... that's his favorite quote to me these days. Maybe he's still mad that we went to Oklahoma for a week.

Not quite awake, the boy pushes me out. Picture is blurry cuz I forgot to put the autofocus back on. Oops.

Heading to spin class at work but can't resist stopping for a few seconds to take a few quick pictures of 'my' field.
Post Spin class & 15 minute brick run, it's time for a shower
Ready for the day! I LOVE these blingie jeans.
What luck! I get lunch with my sweetie TWO days in a row!
We run over to Target post lunch for a few necessities: sun glasses for Dan and index cards for me!

Our Intel Personal Trainer, Aaron: "I want YOU!"
Work done, it's time to head to Sylvan and pick up the Kiddo who's working hard and receiving some tutoring.
FINALLY we head home for dinner. Dan is getting ready to head out to play ball and Joe and I just chill for the night.