Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011 First Day of Shool & Week In OUR Life

I can't BELIEVE it's already here: the 1st day of 6th grade. Our tradition continues with photo on the 1st day of school and photo on the last day of school. In fact, I'm fairly certain he wore that shirt on his LAST day of 5th grade:
Yup, I wasn't wrong! However, he looks more excited to be STARTING 6th grade than he was completing 5th grade. Or maybe it's just the pictures he's sick of?

NEVER has this sweet dude looked so at ease on the first day of school. The smiles, laughs and excitement... YAY!!! Maybe that's what being the cool big man on campus will do for you... 
It was a gorgeous day to start school!! It wasn't blistering hot this morning... just hot! Grandma and Grandpa and Spunky Girl joined us in sending off the Kiddo today. 6th grade... I'm still marveling  when did THAT happen?????
The Kiddo was THRILLED to be reunited with his closest friend at school. Now, where did Grandma and Grandpa disappear to? Finally, reunited with them, a few more pictures and off these two went to conquer the day...

What else happened in this day of Week In the Life?
Lunch at Cyprus Grill with the most handsomestest man on the planet... those blue eyes just MELT me! We also bumped into friend Amy while at Cyprus Grill... she had her almost 2 year old son Asher there... what a sweetie! It was great to spend time with my sweetie and bump into a dear friend!
Dropped off some clothes for charity: Stuff I haven't worn in over a year, it was time to send it along!
After work, Grandma took the Kiddo to the Dr's office and I met them there. Three years since I last had him in? Oops... VERY Bad Mommy! Grandma and the Kiddo work on homework while I fill out forms (and snap a shot or twelve)
For some reason Joe enjoyed having his blood pressure taken: 120 over 70

Waiting for his shot:
This young man was brave: no tears and he even kinda watched while he got the shots!
It was over quickly and he was pleased with the arctic camouflage bandaids. Overall health report? Mom, get the Kiddo in at least 1x per year! (SUMMER 2012). Height and weight still 95% and he's a healthy happy kiddo. We are so blessed!

After the Dr: we headed home for dinner and to our pleasant surprise, Dakota, the intern we are housing, was going to join us for dinner.
Dakota will be staying with us until December and we are thrilled to have him join us! He's got a ready smile and laugh and is one of the most polite young men I've ever met!
To complete our evening, the Kiddo and I hit the pool to do some laps. 45 minutes later we were tired, done and ready to head home! What a great 1st day for the Kiddo and fabulous start to Week in the Life!