Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mother of the Corn?

Not only did I take pictures of the Kiddo on the longest day of the year, but the kiddo took pictures of me, too... at HIS request!
Notice the black spot on my shirt? Yes, that's the fly that I forgot to Photoshop out. OOps. 
The kiddo does a great job capturing pictures of me! 

I LOVE hanging out in the corn. It reminds me of when I was a kid in Ohio. One of my parent's friends had a corn field behind their house. I wanted to run up and down the rows and play hide and seek but Mom and Dad never let us. Snakes they said. Instead we'd run and play in the creek getting muddy and dirty there.

It surprised me that the kiddo wants NOTHING to do with the corn fields near our house. Maybe because they are packed in so closely together. Not nearly as much room to run and hide as there was in the fields I remember as a child. Plus there are bugs. He doesn't do bugs. Regardless, I LOVE stopping by the corn to take pictures. 
This pose? All the Kiddo's idea: Joe selected the pose for me AND took the picture. Then he told me, "Mom, when you see this picture think 'FIRE POWER!' " Gotta love Night at the Museum 2! What a great flick... and what an ever better photo to make me look back on this summer solstice night with fondness and a smile!