Monday, June 6, 2011


The past few months, I've been working through small organizing projects, encouraged by I'm an Organzing Junkie with their 52 week project and the amazing inspiration at Organization Made Easy. I weeded through the (many) pants in my closet, the Harry Potter room (aka closet under the stairs), the linen closet, the kitchen pantry, the kitchen cupboards and the shoe storage center in the garage. Boxes and boxes have gone to both Good Will & The Boys & Girl's Club donation centers, yet it feels like there is so much left to do still. I admit, recent progress has stalled.

BUT, this weekend Dan and I started watching Hoarders on A&E (via Netflix on the X-box... best invention ever, but that's for a different post!) I suddenly found myself ITCHING to go through my CD collection (which sits right next to the TV) while watching the show... great therapy to encourage 'letting go' of stuff!