Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Child of the Corn

UGGHH!!! Played with Lightrooom for an hour... then? Lost all my changes. :( So sad! At least it wasn't before I had processed them as .tiff. Guess I need to watch some introductory tutorials to figure this program out.

Regardless, the Kiddo and I had a blast taking pictures of each other in the corn. Well, he displayed some slight apprehension about standing in the corn... next to all the bugs, but he sucked it up nicely. 

The below is probably my favorite image from the set. 
This is the edit from light room without any texture. The kiddo doesn't like looking into the sun, but I love how the lighting is mostly on his face. Would like to darken the corn in the background a bit, but haven't yet. 
The more I look at this kid, age 11, the more I see the man he is becoming. His legs and arms are moving from wirery chub to lean muscle. I see his shoulders broadening and signs of an impending growth spurt!
(OOH red lens flare! FUN!) 

Where was I? Oh, yes, I see the man he is to become not only in appearance but in attitude as well.

For instance, there is a stray (?) long haired mangy looking white cat that roams our neighborhood. The kiddo, having LOVE the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, named this cat Snow Fur. Our gentle souled son has been sneaking food to this kitty on the sly. He LOVES this cat. 
I admit to thinking about taking him in, but he needs a thorough cleaning and trip to the vet. Plus he's long haired... which means he'd be an allergy nightmare for me. So, no, we won't be taking Snow Fur into our home anytime soon...
...but I'm so very proud of this young man for caring enough to want to take care of this cat!

We did have to set expectations with him about not feeding the cat (the food attracts the bugs and crickets) but am thinking we need to find a way to let the Kiddo help Snow Fur, somehow...