Sunday, May 8, 2011

Muffin's for Mom May 6, 2011

Every year, The Kiddo's school has Muffin's for Mom. Between you and me? I somewhat dread going. Why? As a working Mom, I don't know many of the other mothers in the Kiddo's class. I do know other WONDERFUL mom's at the school, but none in the Kiddo's class.

I volunteer once per month to teach the children art masterpiece and ADORE being in the class room. I find the young artists eager to 'play' with their art, sometimes they are timid but they are always inspiring! Yet, this interaction doesn't allow me to meet or get to know their parents.

This year, we arrived later than usual. But it was all God's timing as I bumped into a dear friend  Linda, who's son is also in 5th grade. We found our way outside and ate together catching up  It's been a crazy quarter filled with book reports and state report resulting in little time for our boys to play. As a result, I really enjoyed this year's Muffin's for Mom thanks to my marvelous host, The Kiddo and dear friend, Linda!