Monday, April 18, 2011

Christmas... more recently

I have shared some MUCH older pictures in a recent post. Including the one where the young man here was just a bouncing bean in my belly!

Today, here are some newer pictures. It's fascinating to also watch the growth and change in my photography as well (although not ALL of these photos were take by me.)
 Just as fascinating to watch are the kids as they get older and the weight family members have lost over the course of the decade (plus). My Aunt, most notably, me, my husband and Mom!

Other side:
My husband's birthday is Christmas Eve. We traditionally have spent it at candle light Christmas Eve service followed by a family dinner and cake (yellow cake with chocolate frosting, please!)
Arizona Christmas's are usually warm and bright! This year was no exception. Spunky girl LOVED her kitty alive baby cheetah. The Kiddo loved his Halo Legos. I was very pleased to get my speed light soft box (and play with it!). It was another wonderful Christmas with the family!