Saturday, April 2, 2011

92/365 April 2, 2011 Saguaro Lake Open Water Swim

Open water swim practice for our sprint triathlon NEXT weekend! Wow! 8 days away. Having a great time getting to know the 30 other folks who will participate with us. It's a fantastic group and we've got some super experienced knowledgeable folks leading this endeavor. 

Jeff is a multi-time Iron Man finisher. He always has a smile, laugh and has a plethora of knowledge! He's provided so many great tips for expectations and planning.

Tracy is our resident bike expert. He has his own shop and his wife is a serious biking competitor. He fit Dan and I for our bikes and got us all squared away. With out his help, we never would have known what to purchase!

Mike, not pictured as he had to leave early to meet his family and we arrived late due to the tour de Phoenix. He's our third leader and resident swim expert. He is our resident coordinator, encourager and cheerleader. These three gentlemen are AMAZING and made our first tri-athlon training organized and fun.
I seriously thought I was going to FREEZE in the water, but, fortunately, I survived. However the boat wake was making me sick so I didn't swim much freestyle. It was a gorgeous day and perfect for time at the lake.