Sunday, April 10, 2011

100/365 April 10, 2011 Race Day! Marquee Tri-athlon by RedRock

365 photo: Chillin' before the race.

Race day finds a sun shiny dawn. It's much warmer than yesterday, too. Hope the bikes fared okay overnight at Tempe Town Lake in the rain. Dan had a good point, at least if anyone's bikes are going to be stolen there are LOTS better options than ours! :)
However we arrived at Tempe Town Lake to find our bikes safe and sound (if a little damp).

We dropped the kiddo off at my girlfriend's house. She and her boyfriend brought Joe along with them and joined us at the race later to cheer us on.

The transition area:

A good portion of the gang is all here!

Knee braces: check. Home arrest timing chip (on left ankle): check. Bright orange shirt so Lisa can look for you later: check. Dan starts 6 minutes before Lisa's wave... so she's going to have to hustle to catch him!


Dan ahead of me at the transition area. He's finished his run and I'm playing catch-up now.

Okay, I ran fast and pedaled hard but couldn't catch Dan on the first 1.5 mile run nor the 12+ mile bike ride. It took me until almost mile marked 1 to finally catch up to him. He is a force to be reckoned with!

I busted my butt to finally catch up with him! Reunited!

What a gorgeous morning and beautiful view!

Almost there?

Here's me taking a picture of Joe taking a picture of us running

Joe taking his picture of us running:

Joe with his "new" parents:

Boys with bikes while I get the truck.

With my medal:

Duathlon: great experience. Red Rock was very organized and well planned. They volunteers were fantastic. Since this was a du-athlon, Dan and I are stoked to do a real tri. Same company on May 7th. Let the training continue!