Monday, March 14, 2011

Unii Pallet

For the life of me, I can't find the blog where they sweet lady did the make over of her travel makeup  kit... but it's where I first hear of the Unii Pallet

The idea is, you take all those little compacts you buy from the store, pull all the makeup pots OUT of the cases and consolidate them into this one case. I have a make up drawer over flowing with make up in cases that take up SO much room! (The below is just a few of the items I depotted.)
 How do you depot your make up? Well, I used the Unii website and (searching for depot makeup) to get an idea and then tried it on my make up. It was actually fairly simple. 

You'll need wax paper, something hot (I used my flat iron, but I'm betting an iron would work as well) and a knife to help pry the make up from the case. Break down the case as much as you can. Then place the wax paper on your flat iron and the make up (case side down) on the flat iron. Warm it long enough that you can easily pry the metal encased eyeshadow from the case. The glue, when warmed releases easily. Just be careful, the metal is likely to be hot and the glue will be gummy. Place the depotted makeup on a surface you can either clean easily or another piece of wax paper, the glue, still being warm will stick to whatever surface you choose.
How do the depotted eye shadows, blushes and powders STAY in the Unii case? With magnets! It's ingenious... and I LOVE IT!  If you have your Unii pallet already, as you depot your makeup, you can cut the magnet to the right size, peel the sticky side off the magnet and use both the magnet's sticky glue AND the pots warmed glue to adhere the magnet to your makeup. Don't forget to label your make up so when you go to purchase a refill you have the name!

There was a bit of a learning curve, as you can see my and slipped a bit and I did "gouge" some of my makeup. If you crack one of your favorite eye shadows, check YouTube and Unii for ways to fix the cracked makeup.

I did this before my Unii arrived in the mail as I was packing for a trip and was short on time. I placed all my make up on a scrap piece of cardboard until my Unii pallet showed up. It took me about an hour to depot all the items above.

It felt fantastic to consolidate my make up into two pallets (yes I needed two for all my make up but I have my eye shadows, powder, blush and cream foundation in two cases! YAY!) Perfect for my upcoming trip. My drawer is virtually empty and I LOVE it! So far, I'm sold. After my trip I'll send an updated review on how it worked "on the road".