Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Panic Attack

Chores are done, stuff is gathered to walk out the door. Breakfast is cooked, Tea is steeping... all is right and I'm on schedule for once to get out the door.

The Kiddo is awake to push me out and as he joins me down stairs, I pack my bag. 
But wait.

Something is WRONG.

Something vital is missing from my backpack.

Oh S!#T!!!


*heart stops*

OH NO!!! I bet I left it at work. Unlocked. On my desk. Unlocked.

*Crying inside* 

Crap, it's UNLOCKED!

On the verge of tears, panic in my voice: "Oh, Kiddo. I HAVE got to GO... NOW!"

"That's okay, Mom. I want to go back to bed." (He's truly sympathetic, this one)

Dashing out the door, give the Kiddo a kiss, I don't recall the drive in to work. I know I prayed... A LOT!!! Then, I practically ran to my cube (and that NEVER happens). 

And rush in. Stop. 

It's there.

Breathe, yes, breathing is good. Didn't know I could hold my breathe for the entire 20 minute drive to work. 

Not sure I've ever been so happy to see my PC in my life.

Thank you Jesus, for watching over my little PC even though I completely forgot about it!