Monday, March 28, 2011

March 24, 2011 Hard Work pays off


At Christmas, the kiddo decided that he wanted to save his money for an iPad. Saving his allowance for 3 months, saving Christmas and birthday gifts, he made it! I'm so proud of him! It wasn't easy... he dipped into his fund once or twice for a book or toy, but overall, he saved straight through for 3 months. I am VERY proud of him for saving long enough to purchase this item. 
He was so disappointed to learn that he wasn't going to be home when it arrived. I know he was excited about coming home to his new toy. Dan and I spend a few hours organizing and getting his iPad all set up for him.

Dan even came up with a joke gift for him to open, before the big reveal.
 Yup, he's smiling... he KNOWS this isn't the real deal. 

Well, now he's got the real deal and is THRILLED! We have barely seen him for the last two few days. Good thing he's got a couple more days of spring break left to enjoy his toy.
Great job, kiddo!