Sunday, March 27, 2011

86/365 March 27, 2011 Souvenir

During our 2010 Holy Land journey with the church our friend Lisa came up with a new mission to end our stay in Egypt? The goal? To find the gaudiest souvenir for under $5 USA. There were some serious contenders at our Christmas celebration, but the rat-camel magnet won the night. Dan and I put our entry in a VERY safe place. So safe, in fact, that we couldn't find it for 4 months! (It was still AWOL the night of our party!)

Well, we since found our entry and I had to share. It has since (hopefully) made it to our pastor's desk where he will be pleased (he hates cats... but one can hope) to find such a majestic masterpiece on his desk.

What makes this such a special souvenir? 1) It has a cat (as mentioned our pastor does NOT like cats) 2) it's a snow globe with coins, glitter and balls all floating inside 3) the coins? Well some of the are US pennies.. with Lincoln on them and everything. 

What a true (gaudy) treasure, don't you agree? For under $5.00... you can also own one!

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