Friday, March 18, 2011

77/365 March 18, 2011 Road Trip

This panoramic cracks me up. The littlest boys in the back seat are playing on the iPod touches. The biggest boys are playing with their new iPads. And Daphne? Yup, that's her under the soft yellow blanket, watching a movie on Dad's phone.

Everyone was so well behaved during the car ride, each entertained themselves (or, in some cases, their neighbor). For instance Scooby-Doo and Scrappy would watch a movie together or share new levels and moves in Angry Birds. Shaggy and Daphne played jenga on the iPad for a portion of the trip. (I think Daphne won.) I'm fairly certain Shaggy's obvious enjoyment of playing the game with Daphne melted Velma's heart as much as it did mine. 

And isn't Velma's car HUGE??? I just LOVE it!